Blueprint is by far the easiest way to build templates for CasparCG. All motion designers know and love After Effects and can do anything with it. Now this know how can be used to build fully functional templates, without learning HTML, SVG, CSS and JavaScript programming. – Start building today.

Blueprint is a wizard based tool, that let you import animations exported from Adobe After Effects and create HTML templates for CasparCG out of it. You can download a trial version from here. The BodyMovin plug-in, that is needed to export the animations, can be download at Adobe Exchange here. There is also a Windows Help file here, if you want to read more, before installing a trial. The help also comes together with the setup.

Blueprint was under development for more than two years and has been used to create a buch of different HTML templates for clients. Functionality has always been added to it, when something, that was needed, was not possible. At least 1’000 hours of programming went into it and still counting. As Media Support is a one man’s company, that is a lot of unpaid time.

Blueprint is not open source nor is it free. What has been said about the time invested is one of the reasons, why that is the case. The other reason is, that this tool is cannibalizing Media Support’s current business model, being a company making money by building templates for others.

As in some browsers the links in the text may be hard to see, the plain download links are here:

Trial version: